Lite-On SOHW-1693S KS0B firmware

I have a new 1693s, on the way to me now and I noticed theres a new firmware revision for it, but I can’t find any information on whats better supported because of it. What I’m looking for is a list of what dvd-r and dvd+r brand media is now supported by it. I did buy some generic media that goes by the name OSI limited - 8x media. Has anyone used this stuff with this drive? It would be very helpful if I knew what branded media works the best with my drive and what to stay away from. Thanks.

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Never used these media on a liteon (never find at all these media), but I suggest you to buy some quality media like verbatim, ricoh or, better, taiyo yuden.

To see what media are suppoertd on KS0B firmware you can see here

generally new FW more media support … new == better
omnipatcher will show u what media are supported and on which SPD

Well I was doing more looking around for info on that OSI branded media, its also called Big Sall, if anyone’s ever used it let me know how you made out with it… Regardless of the quality its more then likely the last batch of media I will buy with that label because the pricing is very good locally for DVD+R or -R media and I only got it this time cause I placed an order for the lite-on 1693s burner and noticed the media as being real cheap… Typically the brands that we have around here are Sony, TDK, Maxell, Verbatum and Fuji I believe… I do know that for cdr’s the sony seem to be hit or miss with my aopen 4048 drive, most are real good, but some end up only being detected as 24x media and thats on a drive rated for 40x and the cds marked as 48x??? Any comments about the 5 listed media brands I listed for use with my drive? or anyone know of any to stay away from? ps. If its helpful I usually buy the stuff from a local walmart (real cheap :wink:

the media brand doesn’t matter, you need to know the mediacode. you can see it with e.g. nero cd-dvd speed or dvdinfo pro.

The mediacode is AN31 and it shows up as osi… another site lists the stuff as garbage Nice I guess I got what I paid for 14$ for 50dvd+r’s was too good to be true.

Pathetic garbage media, landfill material, about 0-50% success rate:
CMC, CMCMAG = CMC Magnetics (Taiwan) = (-R)
PIODATA, PIO = LeadData, Ritek = (-R) once sold as “Pioneer” but that’s false
Fake TYG02, SONY, MXL = Fake Sony/Maxell from Hong Kong OEM (Infosmart) = (-R)
OPTODISC = Optodisc = (+R)(+RW)
AN31, AN32, ANWELL, AN30, AML = Hong Kong OEM (Infosmart) = (-R)
INFOSMART = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)(+R)
DAXON = BenQ/Acer (+R)(-R)
VANGUARD = Unknown OEM = (-R)
YIJHAN = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)
MATRIX = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)
ISO001 = Unknown OEM = (+R)
VDSPMS = Unknown OEM = (-R)(+R)
LONGTEN = Hong Kong OEM = (-R)

Lordsmurf’s site is a little out of date, but not in this case. Sorry to hear you got stung, but it has happened to all of us before we found this forum. My personal worst was Sonic. Fortunately I could return most of it, along with ALL the Princo I got from CompUSA. I found this place just in time.