Lite-On SOHW-1693S DVD-RW recognition problem

I’ve found that my Lite-On SOHW-1693S (KS0A/KS0B) don’t recognize some DVD-RW disks that was recorded with NEC ND-2510A 2.18. Drive think that disk is empty DVD-RW with unknown capacity (CD-DVD Speed say -0.00 Gb). I’ve tried Nero, CD-DVD Speed 4.01 and ReelDVD 3.0.1 to record disc, and all these applications gives me same result: disk is empty for 1693S and normal for CXR300E, ND-2510A and DVD player BBK931S.

There’s one more strange thing: KProbe can scan that disk for PI/PIF in 1693S, if I manually set disk size. So it’s not a problem of physical reading, because PI/PIF count can be obtained only almost at the top level of user data transformations from read channel data to pure user data.

I’ve tried to write about that problem to Lite-On about week ago, and got no answer.

I’ve tried following disks, recorded with ND-2510A:
2x DVD-RW OPTODISC W002 - don’t recognize sometimes
4x DVD-RW OPTODISC W004 - don’t recognize sometimes
6x DVD-RW MKM 01RW6X01 - always recognized

If I don’t close disk, there’s some “clicks” sounds then drive is trying to recognize disk, just like drive don’t see border on disk and try to move PUH beyond disk’s edge and gears are slipping because PUH can’t move further anymore.

The most probable cause is what these unrecognized disks was at least once recorded to almost full capacity with ND-2510A. Same disks recorded with 1693S works well on other drives. But even full erase leaves a thin ring at outer edge of the disk.

I know, OPTODISC is not the quality etalon, but I’ve heard about the same problem with other DVD-RW disks, such as MCC 01RW11n9 and RITEKW01 recorded with LG GSA-4163B, NEC ND-3520A and Plextor PX-712A with Lite-On SOHW-1653S (CS09 firmware). However, that disks works well if they were recorded with Pioneer DVR-109.

So, I think that there’s some bug in Lite-On’s firmware, or too strict standard following. Is there some firmware patch or solution? I have to use ND-2510A to read these disks. It’s too noisy for me and it rotates disk too long on 8x, so I have to eject disk as far as I’ve read that I need.

I have the same problem with my 1693S trying to write at Ritek W04