Lite-On SOHW-1693-S end of life?

I have a Lite-On SOHW-1693-S with KS0B firmware. This drive has worked flawlessly and still does to this day. The trouble is I’m almost out of TY T02 DVD media. I picked up a 100 pack of Sony DVD+R’s MID D21 and my 1693-S burns them but the quality is so low I would never trust them. I would guess the drive is using the wrong burn strategy. I only see three possible solutions. Mod the firmware to fix the problem, possible? Find some readily available media that will work or replace the burner with one that works well with newer media.

Does anyone still have a Lite-On SOHW-1693-S? If so what media currently available in the US will produce quality burns? Firmware mod?

It may be easier to just get a new drive. What I want in a new drive. Must be a great reader and have good DVD and CD burn quality. Bit setting is a plus and so is scanning support. After poking around the net and the forums it looks to me I’m looking at another Lite-On or clone. I normally buy my hardware at newegg but they have near nothing in stock as far as Lite-On is concerned. Everything is out of stock and no eta. Possible model change over taking place?


I dont always get good results with Sony D21’s.

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2278658]I dont always get good results with Sony D21’s.[/QUOTE]


To add my opinion to that: the SOHW-1693S is pretty much a first generation 16x writer. Drives from the first generation were more optimized for 8x and some 4x media, and are slightly underdeveloped when it comes to most 16x media [this Sony media included].

It might be time to pair a new drive with the SOHW-1693S, so you still have the capability to scan along with the ability to burn 16x media relatively well. For this new drive I recommend a Pioneer or Optiarc 720x series drive, since they seem to have the best all around burn quality right now. I also strongly advise you avoid LiteOn’s latest offerings; they aren’t quite up to snuff for some people.

Also, while Sony’s single layer media is one of the better offerings [speaking about media purchased from the retail channel], Verbatim still has somewhat of a better consistency with its media; or you can batch order some more Taiyo Yuden media off the Internet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info guys. I wondered if Sony DVD+R’s D21’s were any good. I got them cheap. I tried 16x 8x and 4x and disk quality sucks. I have a PX-716A in the same PC and I can burn the new Sony disks with a quality scan of 90%+ using CD-DVD speed and the 1693-S. This is OK but not what I’m used to as my 1693-S burns T02 at 8x and scans 95%+ every time. I have a free work around for the time being. If I get lucky and find media that works good on the 1693-S or a firmware mod in the next few weeks I’ll keep what I have. If not I will most likely get a new drive.

You could try one of the CodeKing firmware and see the result. You have KS0B patched for fast burn, or KC4B for improved burn quality (see
I use KS0B FBD on my 1693s, because my burner doesn’t like the KC4B very much, but you could try KC4B first and see the results.
Also, I used to have great results with MCC004 made in Taiwan (CMC) at 8x, but lately it seems the quality of these disc is going down :frowning: