Lite-on sohw-1673SO4C

I have a Lite-on sohw-1673SO4C and I need booktype support on it so I flashed it with the 1693s kc4b,but it still wont change the booktype with the lite-ons booktype/bitsetting utility form their site,not even dvdinfopro would do it.So my question is wich firmware should I use to make it support booktype.Thanks in advance.

how are you changing it? You probably done most of the following, but just to be thorough, booktyping is supported only on +R,+RW and +R-DL media. now to use the booktype utility (if you installed chipset ide drivers, make sure wnaspi32.dll from nero is in the booktype utility folder) first you must insert in a blank piece of booktype supported media. then, check the save settings checkbox. in the drop down choose dvd-rom. then click change. that should be it. it won’t show the change, but it should be (mostly) permanent, and will take effect immediately.

Im tring to change it using dvdinfopro,also I used imgburn and set the booktype to dvd-rom and the burn failed,it gave me tons of errors.I know that +r media is the only one that supports booktype and my media is +r :stuck_out_tongue: but i cant understand why its failing with everything I cant even change the booktype in liteons utility.

When are you trying to change the bitsetting? Before or after the burn?

Before the burn

imgburn has an option to change the booktype to -rom in eeprom. look for that tab. also, can you set the booktype to -rom in nero cd-dvd speed and then post the burn curve image?

I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but I always use the liteon book typing utility.

Yes I did that in imgburn and it semed like it was working till i got several errors while burning the dvd.And in nero in cd-dvd speed I inserted the dl dvd to change the booktype to rom but my drive is making strange noises and clicks while trying to read the dvd :S .Maybe I screwed the dual layered dvd and now Ill have to buy another one o keep testing.

are you sure your drive isn’t dead?