Lite-On SOHW-1673S DVD Burner Review

PyMusique is now removing also the Microsoft DRM. So after Apple, DVDJon has now beaten MS. PyMusic is much faster and better than Tunebite, and it’s free!

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It’s just a short while since we tested the SOHW-1653S, but now there is a new drive already; The SOHW-1673S. We are familiar with Lite-On drives for several years and their drives do usually perform very well and has many features compared to their low price. Let us see if this drive continues this trend and could keep up with the competition, especially from NEC and BenQ that have made some exceptionally good DVD-Writers. Let’s take a look at the already well know Lite-On history.

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Whew! lucky, it was a toss up between this drive and the LG GSA-4163B I,m glad I got the LG, bloody good drive and a better price by $30 my way, Nice review

I brought a liteon - and I think it’s gonna have to be NO MORE LITEON purchases in the future - i think BENQ is my preference … just not satisfied wid how picky the liteon is wid media

I just noticed your post on this product, and I would like to point one thing: this software is for Windows, so why should Windows users care about Apple ? Or did i get something wrong ? :B

I’ve had a SOHW-1673s for around five weeks & am surprised by the negative comments but there again how does one know if the writing is bad? I haven’t had problems (that I am aware of). :+ There again there have been two firmware updates (which don’t explain the changes) so this could have improved things I guess? :S I’m happy with the drive & have prefered Liye-On for years - they have never let me down. maybe the SOWH-1693 will be better?

Tunebite 2.0 re-records very fast in digital quality all the songs with DRM protection to free MP-3, WMA or OGG format. Also music that you have bought at Apple iTunes with a subsidised price for your standard MP3-Player. Cool!

I tried installing Tunebite to trial & when it got to the point of configuring the sound card it made my machine screech like a banshee before kicking up primary drive ‘Serious Errors’ & blue screening. Has anyone else had problems like these?

Ok, TuneBite is NOT a solution if you’re actually looking to crack (for legit reasons, see below) a WMA. Want to save money and not buy TuneBite? Get yourself a CDRW, burn the song track, then re-rip it as MP3 - all within Media Player. All TuneBite does is mimic this and save a step. You STILL need Windows Media Player 10 in order to download the legit license for the song. So, TuneBite is NOT a WMA crack. Boy, don’t you TuneBite users feel duped now? lol. Legit reason for needing to actually CRACK a WMA is if you have legitimately purchased WMA music off such sites as Puretracks, need to transfer the .wma media to your nice new Mac or Linux box where Windows Media Player isnt available. So, you need to actually BREAK the DRM not just simulate a burn->rip.

I don’t feel duped at all, especially when I am downloading a lot of protected media. I prefer paying a few dollars to get a software that does it all for me with one push of a button, then use x softwares and perform manually all the tasks. And there is also a question of legality. Tunebite does not CRACK anything, it just makes it easier for me to get un-protected songs legally. Maybe if you would have used Tunebite you’d have known what I am talking about and realised that your post is totally clueless :r

OK OK Boys (…and girls) don’t fight over simaple things. There are two ways to look at this situation here. One, if you have plenty of time, no money to spend the the buring on CD is right solution. As far as I know, whether you use WM Player or iTume, you can only create a audio CD (not mp3 or other like wise) from DRM protected tracks and an audio cd can hold about 15 - 20 tracks. So if you have 70 - 80 tracks you need 4-5 CDS to burn them and converting them back to MP3 format. If you plenty of time to sit around on your computer then by all means go ahaed. Two, if you have lots songs you can buy this software (there are plenty available on the net …) and convert them to a legecy format like MP3. However this software has it’s own share of drawbacks and security flaws. This software relies on your DRM License and iTune Active Account details to play the music in the first place, so when you load these songs in this kind of software, this software can transmit those details to acutal software writer (this can happen …) and this person can login to your iTume or Napster account without you even knowing it. I must advise you, if you are using this kind of software, please disable you internet connection. Lastly, there very simple way of converting you music to unprotected format. Just play the music as is and record them using a AUDIO Editor (if you have NERO or Easy CD you should have very basic sound editor) as it was playing and save them as WAV Files or other fromat the software allowes you to. It’s obvious that if you record in WAV files they will very large files so you need plenty of space and very time consuming. I have over this by playing 10 songs playlist and recording them to a single file and then trimimg each song and saving them to individual file. Time consuming and Hard Drive hungry process indeed but very secure and reliable process.

Hey, I installed the tunebite trial and when it was configuring my soundcard there were a couple of beep sounds and then boom… my computer has been without sound output ever since. I have tried editing my windows settings, downloading drivers, and downloading windows registry edits. I also tried messing around with the sound options in tunebite. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Help! I’m having the same problem as whatistravis. Does anyone know how to fix it? I need sound back.

I tried both NoteBurner( and TuneBite( These two software can convert WMA or even protected itunes music (M4P) to MP3. They worked perfectly on my computer. The only difference between TuneBite and NoteBurner is that TuneBite uses recording technique while NoteBurner burns music onto a virtual CD-R. I cannot tell any difference in terms of the music quality. But I would agree that NoteBurner is faster and more reliable than TuneBite. I recommend NoteBurner.

You are right, dadofbrook. I tried NoteBurner and it converted my iTunes music so perfect!

The thing is, we download porno and when try to watch it comes up the license thing, that takes you to their web page to join in. I just want to see Alison Angel…its frustrating you have to download and can’t watch it. I have tried Tunebite, SoundTaxi, Jodix and none works with this kind of video protected file.

Can anybody say IN CLEAR WAY how to crack this damn frigging copy protection in wma file? I downloaded such file from eMule and I need to convert it into normal mp3 file which will be played without any payments. I’m outraged because of this sick copyright policy. The biggest thieves on the world are companies which manage the copyrights and take payments for it.

I have a problem with that too. I bought a few songs from Musicmatch, I want to put them in a CD, so I can listen to them at work and in my car and so on, but since they are protected, it doesn’t allow me to burn them into a CD, I am sick of it!! Obviously, I am trying to find a way to be able to burn them, I don’t care about the formar, I just want to put them in a CD, does anyone know how can I do it since I don’t have the burn rights? :c

Try Protected Music Converter at It can convert protected songs into unprotected WMA, MP3, OGG, or WAV files. Plus the 2-week free trial converts the whole song rather than just one minute of it.

I found another much easier one, NoteBurner it burns DRM music on virtual CD and it is more economical than burn on physical CD