Lite-ON SOHW-1673S Burning Quality Check



if it aint a problem… it would be nice if u guys could check these pics out… i was wondering how these scores are… are they decent or good or bad or what… from what i could tell it seems like there probably average-ish.

what do u guys think?

here is the pics…

thanks for your time :wink:

p.s. i know this aint a full disk…i know i should have burned a full 4.7GB disk… but i wonder what u guys think based on whats shown here :wink: … im using the Lite-ON 1693S KS04 firmware with write tweaks and 12X read speed hack.

i also burned the disk @ 8x


GTA rulez :wink:

you should scan the disc @4x (the forum standard for comparison) and repost a pic. you can attach it in advanced post.


here it is… 4x read on that gta disk as i posted above.

i got another disk i made i can scan that is roughly 100MB shy of a full dvd disk… ill scan that in a few minutes and see how that comes out.

UPDATE:… here is the other one… … it failed to finish the reading process on this one… it just got to what u see in the pic and appeared to just stop reading the disk… i assume thats not good? lol … it appeared to burn fine… ill have to check the data on the disk to make sure it can be copied from the dvd+r disk into the pc’s hard drive.


Hmm, PIFs seem a bit high for this media in a 1673S. Are they Verbatim discs; plain silver tops or branded tops?


well check my other pic above… the disks where pretty cheap… got them for $13.99 + 4 dollars shipping for a 50pack of dvd+r’s the brand is… “dupsonic” … i got them from

so i figure the disks aint going to be great quality or anything… main thing is as long as it’s decent ill be overall happy for the price i got em.

there is no logo or anything on the top of the disks… there just plain silver.

these are the ones i got…

thanks alot for you guys time (codeking and chok0) etc :wink:


here is another disk i burned @ 8x (same disks as above)…

this was burned with files that where roughly 100MB shy of the full dvd… i also had a 2.1GB XviD file on the disk… so when i attempted to burn the disk it said it was going to use some UDF format and said it would only be readable in windows 98/2000/xp etc … so i did that. the file was originally 3 cd’s, i combined it into one 2.1GB file… i dont think that would have anything to do with quality… right?

this disk seems to be in noticeably better shape (error wise) compared to the previous disk quality check above.


Please save your pics as .PNG and use the “manage attachment” bellow the reply box, to insert your pics in your text. It will be easier for us to read you.

Your results are good enough to be read in most dvd players or stand alone. But they are not good enough to save important datas !!! That’s just my opinion.


i would assume lower burning speed would help quality of the disks? … cause i have the choice to either pick 8x or 6x burn speeds with the disks im using.

p.s. what u mean “easier for us to read you” ? … just click on the pics… i dont see a problem with what im doing now to post the pics… there perfectly clear when u click the link.

thanks for your time :wink:


some people still has 56K modems :wink:


You are just doing it differently. Many people don’t want to do things that way. If you do it “your way” some people will ignore your post and you will get fewer responses for help. Also some will consider your insistence as arrogant and again, you will get fewer responses.

Actually, I kind of like your method as the whole thread loads faster. It is just not what is expected here.

And I would agree, the PIF totals are very high.

Here is a link of a burn on another 1673 with the same media code. You might want to go back to 1673 firmware.


some scans of GSC003 on liteOn 1673s


to chas0039 … sorry if i affended anyone… im not arrogant at all :wink: … im just used to the way i did it above since thats the way most forums i goto generally do things… i did not realize that it was a problem.

but anyways … aint .png files bigger than .jpg files in general? … thats why i would think what i did would be better since it would cut down on file size :slight_smile: … or am i missing something?

also… i been using quick reply… i dont see any of the “manage attachment” like he was saying above… but i guess if u feel what everyone does here is best… ill give it a shot… if someone would explain to me how to do it :wink:

thanks for everyones responses :wink:

p.s. from the looks of the posts u guys gave me… it looks like burning with the official JS07 seems to be quite a bit better from those links i read… i assume i can use the read speed tweak of 12x and the write tweaks and ill still have good results?

also once i flash back to the JS07 firmware… do i also have to put the old eeprom back to?


i would like to help… but aint .jpg files smaller than .png files?


ok, here is a scan with kprobe, i did with the official JS07 firmware (with 12x read tweak and recommended media tweaks) … it was still burned on the 1693S with KS04 firmware.

(note this is the same disk in the first pic above (gta san andreas disk) )

p.s. is this the way i need to post images?.. cause i saved it as a .png file and uploaded it with the “manage attachments” thing :wink:


another update… i noticed on one of the disks above (the 007 one in the scan) i tried copying the data back from the dvd+r disk to the pc’s hard drive and i got a “cyclic redundancy error” :frowning: … i assume this is from a bad burn (aka to many PIF errors?)

im gonna reburn that same disk with the official JS07 firmware and see if it gets any better.


NBR, yes that is the normal method for attaching scans and the good thing about this method is the scans will always be available, even if your site is offline.

I think you will find those disc are counterfeit or B Grade MCC003. And if this is the case your drive is doing a very good job of burning them ;).

I also think your drive was working better with KS04…

Edit: Make sure you do a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test or surface scan test to make sure the disc is readable.


ok, thanks codeking ill look into that real soon and see what happends…

but here is basically that same disk (the “007movies” disk) i burned again with JS07 firmware with write tweaks and 12x read speed stuff… here is scan with kprobe…

also… how can the KS04 firmware be doing better than the JS07? … there is less PIF errors on the JS07 firmware than the KS04 firmware, right? … cause from what people seem to say on my post… it’s mainly the PIF errors that determine quality … or am i way off?

thanks for your time, i appreciate it :wink:

p.s. you said… “NBR, yes that is the normal method for attaching scans and the good thing about this method is the scans will always be available, even if your site is offline.”

my reply… i can understand why u want it this way now… but for dialup users (56k) it would seem that the way i posted in my first couple of posts would help the website load faster for them since the thumbnails are only like 5KB ish instead of the entire image size of like 50+ KB … but if thats the way u want it it’s fine by me :wink: (no disrepect intended)


here is that Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test you asked for on that disk that would error out when transferring data from the dvd+r disk to the pc’s hard drive with windows explorer…


on a side note… here is a fuji film dvd+r disk that was burned on (i think) a NEC dvd burner (dont know which model or firmware, since it was not my drive) around 2years ago… i think it was burned @ 4x.

i just read the disk with kprobe with JS07 firmware and here is results… ALOT better than what i was getting with my disks above … so i assume the disks i have are straight up $H!T ,lol… o well atleast i know never to buy these disks again… but i was VERY LOW on money so i had little choice :wink:



For Kprobe, you can save result to .png by clicking on icon (looks like floppy disk) in toolbar next to stop test icon. This creates .png of approx 11k. This is better than screenshot as copies graphs & some details from results.txt file.

Your MCC003 does not burn like mine - see this link if you missed it in above post. 1673s JS07 @ 6x & 8x. What was your burn speed?