Lite-on SOHW 1673S Booktype woes!?

Ahoy ahoy,

Very sorry my first post had to involve a problem but this is costing me alot so I said lets ask the folks who know this stuff lol.

I have a genuine Lite-on SOHW 1673S, with the stock lite-on JS07 firmware. I stuck it back on for now.

I’ve tried for 2 hours now to get the Booktype to change on my DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM because my dvd players is been picky. For the fact any +R +RW blank media I own.

Put on the Unscrambled JS07 version from code guys. No go in Lite-on’s Util. Also in neros the boxes stay greyed out in Nero CD-DVD Speed. I downloaded 4.0 finnaly they weren’t but still was denied changing them.

I have the ASPI 1.7 pack installed with Nero’s Layer so I’m at a lost cause.

Reason why I’m saying this is costing me alot cuz their 14 bucks a DVD+R DL and I burnt 1 already not working in my players except my dvd-burners.

Any help I’d really appreciate.

just set the bootype once with the official liteon booktype utility.
try KS04.patched if JS07 doesn’t work:

… the 1673s can’t burn dvd-r9

Just to check; you are trying to make the change before the burn and not after (because it only works before), right?

Okay, um, it’s likely an ASPI issue, as that’s really the only thing that can cause the official booktype utility to fail. I’ve never been good at handling them, but I think you should be able to find some info on troubleshooting this with a forum search.

Another possible workaround is to use DVD Decrypter’s booktype setting tool, assuming that you can manage to get a copy of it, as I’ve heard of cases where that would work even when the official tool didn’t. I haven’t personally tried this out, though.

As for Nero and Nero CD-DVD Speed’s booktype controls… the last time I tried them (about half a year ago), they were buggy and didn’t really work. Maybe they’ve fixed it, but I never use their booktype controls.

I know they can’t do dvd-r9 thats why I’m doing + as I can see I fergot 2 double check. but thanks for you input. Will give it a shot.

Code that is what I’m doing right before. I’ve read up on all topics and how tos from here.

Anyways will give it a go I have DVD Decrypter.

Just a quick update DVD Decrypter changes it woohoo. Now for the real test of the dvd backup I made. Thanks for your help.

Also would I gain anything from crosspatching my 1673S - 1693S besides dvd-r9 support. Either way off to burn

Also would I gain anything from crosspatching my 1673S - 1693S besides dvd-r9 support.

:disagree: <- Finally putting these new smilies to good use…

Good News I redid the image changed the booktype on the eeprom level burnt it in dvd-rom thanks once again. Oh well atleast it was 14 bucks and not 42$$.