Lite-On SOHW 1673 S DVD+/- DL?



on the LITE-ON US - Site the new drive 1673 are both DVD+/-DL 4x.
Read the specifications.
Is it true ??? :confused:


Where do you see it mentioning DVD-r DL? I just went to Lite-On’s site. I went to the 1673’s product page and also downloaded the PDF file. Both ONLY mention DVD+R DL. Nothing about DVD-R DL at all…



4x DVD-R DL does not exist yet. Pioneer must be working on 8x DVD-R DL or something like that.




It might help if you provided a link. I can’t even find the 1673 on the site. :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s the link.

And it contradicts itself. In one place it only mentions +R DL and then later it says +/-R DL. So I would guess it’s +R DL only. :slight_smile:


got mine.

no mention of DL-9


“no mention of DL-9”

dvdinfopro can’t detect -r9, because it’s not implemented


Look like no -R9 support…


can you plese burn some dvds and post result for us? I’m thinking of selling my 1653s and getting the 1673s. I’m not really satified with the 1653s burn quality.



There’s already a thread for 1673S and 720A. Please post all matters concerning these drives in this thread. :wink: