Lite-On SOHW-1653S Reading problems

Hello folks,

I have a Lite-On SOHW-1653S with the newest liteon firmware I could find (, 2005/05/25). But I have some troubles with reading DVDs. I have a DVD-R here, that is readed some times right, but mostly there are any reading errors. The installation of the application does stop in the middle and I have to cancle it. After rebooting and trying it again and agian it suddenly works and installes fine.

Now I have the same problem with a original pressed Half Life 2 DVD. I have already installed it but I have had to format my Harddisc. Now I cannot install it any more. It alsway stopps in the middle of process and says there is a reading error. But the DVD is nearly beand new, there is no damage visible. And as I said, I have the same problems with DVD-R files, that i try to install.

Heeeeeelp!!! Does someone has the same problems and is there a solution?

thank you a lot!

no idea? no one? :frowning:

Try scanning with Nero CDSpeed, to see if the disc has errors. I take it you have inspected the disc for physical damage such as scratches or smudges?