LITE-ON SOHW-1653S - Burning stops at 1%

Hi everyone.

I have a Lite-ON SOHW-1653S dvd burner and lately I couldn’t burn at a speed larger than 1x.

My cousin also. So, when I was at his house, I uninstalled IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and rebooted the comp. When it came back on, it found that same controllers and installed them. Voila, suddenly he can burn at even 16x. Problem fixed.

I go back to my house, try the same thing and when everything is installed again, suddenly whenever I start burning a DVD it stops just before the point when it should turn on the buffer. It just stops… The clock keeps ticking, and I could let it be for twenty days it would just stand there. The DVD isn’t even written on.

Any Suggestions as to the cause?

(I have a Windows XP with SP2, Nero and the latest firmware I could find for my burner.)

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention, I can read CDs and DVDs with no problem. (Haven’t tried burning a CD yet, will later tonight when I buy some).

Media used, media ID/mediacode?

Please post a log.