Lite-On SOHW 1653S and SOHW 1673S Burner Firmware

I am looking at buying a new DVD burner and would appreciate some advise.

Can the Lite-On SOHW1653 and the SOHW1673S DVD burners bitset for -ROM.

Does any body know of any problems with these burners?


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Yes they can both bitset and with the latest firmware they even retain the setting. As far as problems go, I wish I could say no, but they have many problems mostly relating to media burn quality at higher speeds. If your happy to burn at 8x until the media or firmware gets better, then fine. If you want 12x and 16x now, then look at other burner like NEC, Benq or Pioneer. See [thread=123733]this excellent review[/thread] of the 1653S, by OC-Freak.

Thanks for the info.

What other burner would you recommend, as long as it can bitset.
I would appreciate your advise.


Rather than just my opinion, here’s 651 of them:

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