Lite-on SOHW-1633S Problems - HELP!

Hi all, first post on CD-freaks, and I have used the search, but found nothing that helps.

I have a Lite-On SOHW 1633S.

The drive was working perfectly (would read and write all media I placed in it), then suddenly, it’s refusing to recognise ANY copyable media, and commercially pressed DVD’s

The only thing it will read now is commercially pressed CD’s.

I haven’t changed anything in my system that could cause it, and I’ve already tried updating the firmware (To BSOY). All I have in my system is a Hard Drive and the Lite-on, and both are on seperate channels.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ll admit I know almost nothing about optical drives, so if you need any more information I’ll gladly provide it.

System Info:

Windows XP Home Edition (Service pack 2)
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
1 gig RAM
Lite-On SOHW-1633S Combo CD/CDRW/DVD/DVDRW +/-