Lite-on SOHW 1633S problems (+ 1693s)

I was burning a multigame disc for my Xbox and I stupidly tried to overburn a DVD. The dvd failed to burn using Nero 7 and since then any backups I have tried to burn for my xbox crash randomly after loading. Have I killed my dvd burner ?
Also I have tried using a dvd burner in another computer (a sony badged lite-on 1693s ) and have not succeeded in getting any backups to work and even a disc which I copied an avi file to showed up as empty in my xbox file manager even though I am using the same media DVD +rw and +r as I have previously used. I have never used this burner before as the computer is in one of the kids room.
Any ideas

Try using some good verbatim media, and see if that helps!

I’ll see if I can get hold of some diff media. The media I’m using is datawrite dvd+r it has Verbatim MCC 004 (000) dye apparently and before my accident I had burnt about 20 discs with no coasters.