Lite-on SOHW-1633S or NEC ND-3500A, and why?

Does NEC have a list of supported / compatable media for this drive?
I can’t find one on their site.

The newegg reviews for this drive indicate problems with some Ritek disks.

Also how does the book type setting for this drive work?
Information on this is next to imposible to find and emailing NEC proved fruitless.

The Lite-on has book type support from the factory.
It appears the NEC needs a hacked bios to support this.

Lite-on releases new bios’es, NEC not so much…

Anand’s review stated a lot of errors with the Lite-on, the NEC not so much.

This will be my first DVD-R/W and the only one I will be able to purchase.
Don’t want to end up with a lemon that is picky about media and has to use hard to find or expensive media.


yes please! im standing infront of the same desicion 1633s or 3500a
im very intrested in opinions of users who have one or both of those drives and can share experiences.
since 16x dvd recording speed is the end im also wont purchase another dvd burner.

Sorry about posting this to this forum.
I reposted in the burning hardware forum
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