LITE-ON SOHW 1633S "Not Detected"




I bought an internal lite-on drive along with an HP 8200e IDE/USB interface. When I powered up the drive and plugged it into my PC it was detected and installed. However I cannot see the drive in ‘My Computer’ and yet in the Device Manager under DVD drives it can be seen and under the USB controllers the HP can be seen. I am running WinXp on a Pentium IV 2GHz with 256MB RAM. Can anyone help me with this problem?


Can you see the Drive in Computer Management, Control Panel/Administrative tools/Computer Managegment/Storage/Disc management (local) If it is there it should be in your computer under some letter depending on how many drives you have


I have the same drive it should show up as CD drive not DVD. Go to device Manager and check to see if you have a CD drive listed if so click that item on and that should show your DVD drive. I thought it was strange also how it shows as a CD and not DVD.


Yeah I quite often disconnect and connect different drives and Windows re letters all my drives so I go into computer mangement and change the drive letters back to what they were so I know what drive is which, but after changing the drive letters they all show up as cd-roms. I just leave it for a while and mess around some where else and after a few minutes I go back and check and there they are as DVD-RW drives. Guess it takes Windows a while.