Lite-on sohw-1633s - Can't write at 16x

I’ve tried to burn at 16x speed (dvd+ discs)on this model but the burnt discs won’t play on the stand alone dvd players. It burns fine using 8x discs but won’t budge on 16x - simply won’t work.

I tried down loading some basic firmware (bsoy) from the lite-on website but no luck.

Any ideas on how this could be solved? I’m using the intervideo dvd-copy program to copy stuff on windows XP. Any help appreciated!

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Usually this problem is due to a bad burned disc. Not all media allow to obtain good results burned @16x.

Try to burn a little slower. What discs are you using exactly?

I’ve used various high quality 16x discs - maxell and philips. Intervideo dvd copy doesn’t seem to offer a slower burning option - I’m a bit of a newbie so not sure where to look though.

Thanks for the help!

try verbatim datalife plus 16x DVD+R. you might also want to give the codeguys firmware a whirl.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry to delude you, but philips and maxell (if they are not made in Japan media) are not high quality media.

Try with a Taiyo yuden or a verbatim: these are the best available.

To improve compatibility, you can burn a +R media changing booktype in ROM; this usually solve playback problems with older standalones.

thanks - what is the codeguys firmware?

Take a look here

I too have problem burning 16x dvd on lite on sohw 1633S burner. Tried to download software and would not let me, it said I had a 1-0-0-0 E:Lite-on SOHW S BGS4. Help.

Is it possible to adjust this lite-on (sohw 1633s) dvd recorder to reduce the recording speed to 12x when using Intervideo dvd copy? I got to see a the trailers on my dvd which had copied but quality completely broke up on the main feature. Maybe reducing the speed would help but I don’t know how to set the max??

Usually a burning software have an option to select burning speed. Check in options, or save Intervideo’s files on your HDD and then use another software to burn files, like imgburn for example.

I’m Looking For A Lite-on Dvd+rw Sohw-822s? Do You Know Where I Can Find One.