Lite-on sohw 1633s BSOR

Hi all, Well, my 1633s burn DVD+RW with no problems, but can not burn
DVD-R. I used the supplied on the box too, the Lite-on DVD-R, 1-8x and
I get this error: Writing file to disc failed. 3th DVD-R lost! This is a new DVDRW unit and the OS is Windows xp SP2 with NERO 6.6…
Any idea? any help?
Thanks all!


update the fw to bsos see if it helps

Hi, thanks for answer…yes,
Just today updated the fw to BSOS but no changes…
I did not say that I could burn 4 DVD-R with no problems but,
9 probes, 5 failed at the moment and the worst is that yesterday,
before I update the fw, began to say that: to burn this proyect
you need a CD-R/RW wile the disk is a vergin DVD-R (with nero info
tool). I asked to Lite-on technical support and they told me to flash
to BSOS too. The uit contnue burning DVD+RW and DVD+R with no
problems…is crazy? or mabe I have a problem on the machine?


@ Salvomoschella

I assume reading your posts that your drive is new and covered by warranty. Then don’t mess with it, swap it. I did the same with a 832 not recognising some cd-media, tried the newest firmware, did not help. I RMA’d the drive and was given my 1633 that is writing and reading well. Good luck!

:smiley: Leo