Lite-on sohw-1633s bpsa which firmware



Hi, hope someone can help me.
I’ve got a lite-on SOHW-1633S BPSA and I’m looking for a firmware upgrade but can’t seem to find out which one to use. From my understanding it’s OEM and isn’t supported on the light on site. on the hp site it’s got the bpsd but I’ve no idea if this will work and don’t want to do irreparable damage.
Thanks in adavance Alan.


a litoey 1633 is suported,search this fourm and convert it to a 1653 or sony 710.


you can flash with the newest 1653S firmware. get it here:

just download “CS0T - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED”, unpack it and run the flasher.


Yea choko that what i ment i am just to abrute.


So Alan any Joy? yea I bet it worked.


thanks everyone worked great. just did a test burn no coaster. it’s great when you know what your doing. thanks again without people like you what would i do.