Lite-on sohw-1613S $69.96




This is great, just went by my local Wal-mart and picked up one. Thanks for the heads up k9cop!


And look at these awesome results at 8x!! Not bad! :slight_smile:


well i went and got a 1613s as well,could not resist,anybody got any ideas on the firmware works best?


As you can see above, I’ve had good results with BSOC…I’ve also tried BSOK and it’s pretty good also. What type of media are your going to burn?


hey hostile monk:
quick question, your drive is showing up as a sohw-1633, did you do a firmware mod to bend it to a 1633 or is it a 1633 out of the box ?? thanks for any info.


It’s actually a 1613S out the box. I ran the firmware through Omni-Patcher and ticked “enable cross-flashing.” Are you familar with this program?


To answer your question more specifically, yes, it was a firmware mod. :slight_smile:


Hostile Monk thanks i will cross flash it to morrow i just burnt a disc to make sure it worked in the 1st place and the burn is being k-probed as i type


what was the firmware that came on it? mine was aso4 and september 04


Same here.


did “c” work beter then “k” did you go back to “c” firmware?


I think BSOC worked a little better for me, but they’re both good. I guess it depends on what type of media you are burning. I really didn’t expect such good results with DVD-R…but here’s one at 8x.


yes i am familiar with the flash. i currently have a liteon 411@811s running. plus a nec 2100@2510a… i had a nec 3500 but returned it (2x’s), to many bad scans. looking 4 a new 16x burner.


cmisenko this is not the “Best drive” but it appears to work well it takes about 2 mins. to make it a 1633,as well as burning well i want to belive it runs k-probe better the same disc is very much different with my 811 or sony,they all k-probe beter in the 1633,I had intended to get a nec 3500 but this was very handy,so the nec will have to wait.


I recently flashed my 1613S to a 1633S (BS41) and I’ve had nothing but GREAT luck! :smiley:


Meh. For the price, I would rather have the NEC 3500A.


Note the date on this thread… it’s an outdated thread.


DAMN YOU EMAN!!! :laugh: