Lite-On SOHW-1213S, 1613S, 1633S

While it seems that there is a “cousin” relationship between the BTC and LiteOn drives, the BTC 1008 I have does not appear to have any firmware issues thus far.

If what you say is true then that speaks volumes about LiteOn’s ability to “put lipstick on the pig” with firmware as BTC and Artec have not a clue how to deliver a “working” firmware

I know in Japanese (and Chinese too I think) “four” has the same pronunciation as “death” :eek:

Yup you are quite right.
In Mandarin (or the Chinese language) the number 4 sounds like death.

In various different dialacts of the chinese ( eg. Cantonese, Hokkien, Teo Chew) people the number 4 also sounds like death in the various dialect groups.

Taiwan is dominated by the Mandarin and the Hokkien dialect or a varient of it so its no go for number 4.

In case someone doubts my linguistic capabilities, well I’m a chinese although I’m not from Taiwan nor China. :smiley:

4 sounds like “death” in mandarin (official chinese language, the rests are considered dialects) and 14 sounds like “sure death” in cantonese (official language in Hong Kong).
No wonder you are instantly banned. :wink:

I’m Chinese. Well, not really, since I’ve spent more years in the US than over there. And I’ve never heard of anything like this. Sure, 4 and death sound similar, but they have different inflections, and that makes all the difference in the world. There are a lot of other words with the same sound but different inflection as death and they don’t seem to be taboo. But then again, Taiwan might be different.

(Yes, I know, this is off-topic. :p)

Taiwan is indeed different. The most of us considered “four” as “death.” I was personally avoiding four as well, they pronounced similarily in our language.

I think Liteon’s thoughts is logical. Many customers hate four numbers.

A number of years ago, working for Apple in Australia, we needed to rename the PowerMac 4400 (as it was known in the US and Europe) to 7220 to avoid the “4” thing in various asian countries.

At that time, the same spec machines were sold throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Maybe we can put this to bed now! :slight_smile:

FYI, QSI also uses MTK chips :wink:

Same in South Korea (and also in North Korea in this case.) Both four and death in Chinese-Korean pronunciation is SA. No. four does mean death. But non-Chinese Korean words meaning four and death have nothing do with it. Since every educated South Korean knows both facts, it’s often better to avoid pronoucing repeated four’s. That’s used as insults by children. :slight_smile:

I heard 1633S was released in Taiwan last week but there’s no further news of 1613S here. Lite-On will probably concentrate more on 1615S.

Asked once before, and I ask again.

Will any of those be a SATA DVDRW…? :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen any update on SATA from Lite-On. Probably in next year. :sad:

What advantage is SATA going to give us? I have no issues with bus speed and my pioneer in DMA 4 mode writing at 16x in a cheap initio external enclosure.

IDE is legacy. The sooner it is gone the better, IMHO. I am really surprised at how slowly SATA has penetrated the marketplace.

A friend of mine who has been using personal computers since the late 1970’s recently built a new Athlon 64 machine for his father. It had a really strange problem – it took almost a full minute to boot up into Windows XP. We thought it was very strange since much less powerful Athlon machines were booting in about 15 seconds. Eventually I discovered that he installed the DVD-RW drive as a slave, but it was the only device on the channel. It worked just fine as a slave! Windows didn’t show any errors. But it booted up very quickly after changing it to master.

Even smart people make mistakes. SATA would have eliminated the possibility of this error. It has the potential to save people a lot of headaches, and it should also be cheaper to implement than IDE (with sufficient manufacturing volume.)

I’ve never really looked at SATA for the performance advantages. Those don’t exist yet (arguments about TCQ aside), and probably won’t for years.

US$0.02. :slight_smile: