Lite-On SOHW-1213S, 1613S, 1633S

Worldwise has SOHW-1613S on their homepage. I’m not sure when it was first posted there.

Oh no. They’re not actually going to release a 1613S, are they?! As if they don’t have enough models already, do they really need two versions of the 16x? Funny thing is, I haven’t heard a thing about the 1613S until just now. :confused: Only heard about the 1633S.

Maybe it’s for a limited OEM market? Like the 802S and the 822S? Won’t be surprised if there’s also a 1603S or a 1622S too for plus-only customers.

You suppose the 1613 will be a SL version for the OEM market?

1613S supports only SL but the product introduction is for the public eyes. If they are meant for OEM sales, the company won’t have posted on the web. Most of the OEM sales go to PC companies in Seoul like Hyunju. The company imports ODD drives, LCD panels from Taiwan to South Korea, easy for them because the headquarter is in Taipei.

I think it’s logical for at least some distributors of Lite-On drives to sell non-DL drives even if they write at 16x with CLV, not CAV, because most consumers actually buy the “16x” instead of “CAV” or “DL” primarily because 16x sounds very cool. We are going to repeat the same thing over and over again that 16x and 12x CLV are only about 15-30% faster than 8x to those who will just look for 16x drives.

1613S samples are already shipped maybe by now. Lite-On IT must be very efficient at developing and marketing multiple models at once.

Lite-On Inc. DRW-3S161 DVDRW / 6.x n/a

DRW-3S161 looks like one of the OEM versions of SOHW-1613S. The model name is for 4KUS.

I can see 1603S, 1613S, and 1633S, but not 1623S.

Lite-On Inc. DVDRW SOHW-1633S DVDRW / + DU20040630 6.x + DU20040630 n/a
Lite-On Inc. DVDRW SOHW-1613Y DVDRW / + DU20040630 6.x + DU20040630 n/a

Lite-On Inc. DVD+RW SOHW1603S LITE-ON / 6.x n/a
Lite-On Inc. DVD+RW SOHW-1203 LITE-ON 6.x n/a/

Lite-On Inc. DVDRW SOHW-1615S LITE-ON 6.x n/a
Lite-On Inc. DRW-5S161 DVDRW 6.x n/a

What’s 1615S?

Lite-On Inc. DVD+RW SOHW-1203 LITE-ON 6.x n/a

What’s 1615S?

That’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. Will have the all-new mystery chipset, supposedly non-MTK.

non-mtk? Wouldn’t that hamper the ability of that drive to copy safedisc protected games?

That is possible.

I just heard that MTK bought the company that LiteOn was going to buy the new chipset from. So I guess it’ll be a surprise what’s in it. So we only really know that it will be a new chipset. It’s also up in the air whether MTKFlash will be usefull on the new chip.

LOL. Guess Mtk couldn’t stand losing its biggest customer. :wink:

Damnit, I was kinda hoping for a new chipset since these current Mtk chips aren’t exactly doing many wonders.

More like their only customer.

Artec and BTC use Mtk chipsets. A number of standalone devices (by companies that I am not familiar with) also use Mtk chipsets. Other major companies known to have used Mtk chipsets include LG and Samsung.

But certainly, LiteOn is their biggest customer.

Maybe Mtk might get some things right with the MT1838 or whatever the heck they decide to name their next chip. Seeing the striking similarities between the BTC, Artec, and LiteOn firmwares (like their identical write strategy layouts) makes me think that the chipset maker has a larger role in this than we might think…

If what you say is true then that speaks volumes about LiteOn’s ability to “put lipstick on the pig” with firmware as BTC and Artec have not a clue how to deliver a “working” firmware.

MSI also uses MediaTek components in many of their drives. Version 1.80.1 of mtkflash is actually from MSI and was renamed back to how the other versions were from OSDFLASH :wink:

Interesting how the list of MTK chipped burners also seems to include all the trully crappy and “average” burners. Spose there’s a connection? :wink:

I won’t be surprised. While most other chipsets like the Nexperia and what Pioneer uses are using 32-bit CPUs, Mtk is still using a clunky old 8-bit CPU. While this shouldn’t matter that much (since limitations caused by this can always be worked around, like using the whole “bank” concept to get past the 64KB firmware limit and dealing with larger numbers piece-wise), I think it’s a little indicative that Mtk may be a little behind the times.

Since we’re speculating about coming drives, it may be interesting to look at Nero’s compatibility list for projected drive features. They list the following *3S or *5S drives:

  device name        speed                               supported since

  DRW-3S120          52x32x52x12x16x           
  DRW-3S121          40x24x40x 4x4x12x DVD+-/R/RW
  DRW-3S161          40x24x40x8x4x12x          
  DRW-5S161          52x32x52x16x16x16x        
* DVD+RW SOHW-1203   52x32x52x12x16x           
  DVD+RW SOHW1603S   40x24x40x8x4x12x          
  DVD+RW SOHW16A3S   40x24x40x8x4x12x          
  DVDRW LDW-1213S    48x24x48x 12x8X4x12x DVD+-/R/RW
  DVDRW LDW-853S     8x4x12x DVD+R/RW 4x2x12x DVD-R/R

  DVDRW SOHW-1213S   40x24x40x 4x4x12x DVD+-/R/RW
  DVDRW SOHW-1213S   48x24x48x 12x8X4x12x DVD+-/R/RW
  DVDRW SOHW-1613S   40x24x40x8x4x12x          
  DVDRW SOHW-1615S   52x32x52x16x16x16x        
  DVDRW SOHW-16B3S   40x24x40x8x4x12x          
* DVDRW SOHW-813S    40x24x40x 4x4x12x DVD+-/R/RW
  DVDRW SOHW-853S    8x4x12x DVD+R/RW 4x2x12x DVD-R/R

Those marked with a * didn’t make it to MMC.dll in version Some of these are probably zombies, but the properties of the 1615S look really impressive. Also interesting is that they added a SOHW-853S at the same time the 1213S was updated. :eek:


I wonder if the 3S is going to be a “lost” generation, much like the old 1S…

The 852S was planned but never materialized. I’d imagine that the 52S would probably be some hardware revision of the regular 2S and the 53S would be a hardware revision of the regular 3S.

And in case people are wondering, LiteOn seems to have a past history of skipping “4” in their generational numbering. The 163 went straight to 165 in their DVD-ROM lines, for example.

Probably because the number 4 is considered unlucky in some Asian cultures. When I worked for a semiconductor company, we were told flat out by several Asian customers that if the model number had a 4 in it, they wouldn’t buy it.

Oh goodness, no wonder I’m instantly banned from all Asian forums :wink: