Lite On SOHD-16P9S?

I recently purchased this DVD-ROM from Newegg;

I assumed this was identical to the 167T minus the front panel and headphone jack/volume etc.

But on examination i cannot seem to find refrence to this drive anywhere on the Lite On websites, nor is there a firmware upgrade available. What’s even more interesting is the buffer size being reported by Nero InfoTool 3.00

Specs at Newegg say 512KB buffer, Nero reports 254KB…can anyone explain this?, drive manufactured in january 2005 with firmware FS07, but it’s also not dated in Nero.

Everything else looks the same and it does support DVD+R DL reading in firmware, any ideas about this drive?, any links or firmware?

please dump the firmware using ltnflash, and send it to c0deking

Yea, any info on this drive would be appreciated.
I have the same exact drive coming from Newegg, actually it’s on the FedEx truck right now, just waiting for delivery :slight_smile:

I sent the firmware to Codeguys. I have some further observations about this drive. First off the ltnflash utility reports the date of the firmware as January 14th 2005, but said date is not reported in Nero InflTool 3.00, the load/eject cycle is slower then the 167T…but not by a huge margin.

The CD tray seems seems more firm or stiff then the 167T, i am not an expert on DAE and ripping speeds so i’ll let others do diagnostics and comparisons. The design of the drive has also been modified slightly compared to the 167T, the outer casing has a different design.

Sounds wise it seems to be a little quiter then the 167T, but not by a huge margin.

I just got this drive and it seems a little slow in ripping dual layer media. I got around 5.8x on a 8 gig disc… Anyone make a hack for it to rip faster?