Lite-on SOHD-16P9S stopped reading DVD +RW

This is my first post here. Spent last one day reading all relevant threads on the subject but couldn’t find a solution yet. So, here is my problem.

I have a Liteon SOHD-16P9S DVD ROM running on a P4 Windows XP SP2 machine. I have had this for 7 years now and it has given me great service. Lately, I was having trouble reading some CD RW’s so I decided to upgrade the firmware on this drive. Looked for the firmware on Lite-on’s website but could not find one. Googled and downloaded FS09, FS0D and FS0J from digi’s site. Flashed FS0J.exe to the drive. (Stupid of me not to make a backup before flashing. I am a newbee on all of this.). After flashing, the drive stopped reading DVD +RW which it was reading fine before flashing. Also, it is now very very quite. Previously, it used to spin very fast when a disc was loaded. It will spin fast for about 30 secs and then slow down. Now, I don’t hear fast spin at all. I then downloaded 16P9S.FS07-FS09-FS0D-FS0J.rar from codeguys. Tried all of them but it made no differnece.

I am now at a point that I just want my old drive back. If someone has the original factory firmware (mine came with FS09), please post it here. I would like to reflash the original firmware with the hope that it will fix the DVD +RW issue. I would rather live with not able to read CD RW rather than not reading DVD +RW.

So, please post the original factory firmware for SOHD-16P9S.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Oh well. 3 days have gone by and no reply yet. It appears that no one has a back up of the original factory firmware for my drive.

Anyway, if not the file, any other suggestions that I can use to restore my drive to the condition PRIOR to flashing. As I said in my previous post, I would rather live with not being able to read CD RW than not being able to read DVD +RW. I have a whole bunch DVD +RW’s that I would like this drive to be able to handle.

Thanks in advance for your help.