Lite On SOHD 167T firmware upgrade problem

Hi guys,

I’ve been searching for days for a liteon forum and didn’t find this site until today. I’m hoping you guys can really help me with my problem.

I just downloaded codeguy’s 167T.9S19.patched-rs firmware upgrade package but after reading the readme file, I’m not too sure if this will help me.

The reason I was thinking of upgrading my firmware for my 167T is because for some strange reason, when I am doing a backup of a dvd-r, my write speed will only burn at 8X on the fly even though my Pioneer 109 burner and the media is verified to burn at 12X. It even says in Nero that it is burning at 12X but when it’s finished copying, it takes 10 minutes and that’s the same speed as an 8X burn. So that’s what lead me to think that during the burn process, the 167T was limiting the read speed of the source dvd-r.

So to summarize:

Source Drive: SOHD-167T
Writer: Pioneer 109
Media: Ritek 8X (but will write at 12X)

  • the dvd in the liteon SOHD-167T is a DVD-R copy (so no copy protections)
  • on the fly copying
  • software is Nero 6.6

Problem: it will only burn at 8X, is this problem caused because of the current liteon 167T firmware. If so, will codeguy’s firmware package help me?

Sorry to be so detailed in my explanation. I just thought that if I provided as much details, that might help troubleshoot my problem.

If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forums!

First thing I would like you to do is open up Nero CD-DVD Speed (in the Nero Toolkit).
Put your source DVD-R disc in the 167T and run a Transfer Rate test.
Post the results here in an attachment.

Thanks Wesociety for the warm welcome. I’m really happy to be here :bow: :slight_smile:

I just did the nero speed Transfer Rate test with a movie dvd-r (4.36gig) in the 167T and here are the results (in attachment).

I wasn’t sure which file you needed so I included a csv, html, dat, and png in the attachment.

Thanks in advance

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows XP Professional
Firmware Version 9S19
Serial Number SDC
Disc DVD-R
Capacity 4.36 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 3.63x
End 8.76x
Average 6.55x
Type CAV


Time Elapsed Action
[00:04:16] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[00:13:22] 9:06 Speed:4-9 X CAV (6.55 X average) (3.95 KB)

Two things to be aware of: The Pioneer will not burn at 12X through the entire disc. The strategy starts at slower speeds and then steps up to 12X toward the end. So it is very possible that your drive is burning exactly as it should. Also, true burning on the fly is not a good idea. Most of us transfer the files to the HD and burn from there.

This being said, the patched firmware for the 167T is a great upgrade. Most of the improvements, however, relate to DL reading.

Thanks for the reply Chas0039,

I appreciate your help. I was curious, based on the nero speed data transfer test, does my 167T appear to be a bit slow reading the dvd-r? Shouldn’t it read it much faster than that? Or is it the limitations of the read speed that liteon sets?

Because it averages out to 6.55x during the test.

Start 3.63x
End 8.76x
Average 6.55x

If I do go ahead with codeguy’s 167T.9S19.patched-rs firmware upgrade package, I was a bit confused with the file folders in the package. There are 12X, 14X, and 16X folders. And in each folder, there is various firmwares. Does it mean that if I have a 16X SOHD 167T, I should use one of the firmwares contained within the 16X folder because those files are only meant to be used for a 16X model or can I use files from the other folders (12X or 14X)?

I was thinking of upgrading with this firmware below because I’m afraid that if I upgraded to the 16X read firmware upgrade, the 167T will read the dvdr to fast (ie 16X, there is greater chance of an error). Or does it not make a difference since if I do continue copying on the fly at 12X, even though the 167T can read the dvd-r at 16X, it won’t, it will just read it at 12X max to maintain it’s speed with the Pioneer 109 writer which will be set at 12X recording speed.


If I am right, after I upgrade the firmware with it, I should be able to “Read DVD-R at (12X max), Read DVD-RW at (8X max), and Read DVD9 dual layers at (12X max)”. Am I right in assuming that this is the case?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m just want to make sure I don’t leave out any important info before upgrading the firmware.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There are three different firmware speeds to accomodate different read quality drives. Some will read at 16X with no problems and some need to go to a slower speed to get reliable reading. They all are for the same 167T so try them out. You have the code for what reads at what speed correctly interpreted.

Read the txt file with the different firmwares from codeguys and they will let you know what the max speeds are for each type of media. +R, -R, RW, and DL are at different speeds. My recollection is that you will not get to 16X with -R. Most hacks are designed to overcome the speedlock which is only for DL discs.

Copying on the fly usually means copying directly from the disc to the disc with no hard drive copying. Most people won’t try it because any problems in the throughput will cause the buffer to empty and the burn fails.

The read speed has no relationship to writing speed. The disc reads and burns more slowly in the center and faster at the edge. The read is faster than the write at center and slower than the write at the edge. Most software copies to the hard disc first even if both drives are working.

You might also try Drive Speed. I no longer have the 167T but it might work.

Where can I get the firmware upgrade for the Lite-on SOHD-167T. Could you provide a DL link? Thanks!