Lite-ON SOHD-167T firmware scan and speed



I know DVD-Roms don’t do a good job in quality scan :disagree: , but I only have an LG 4120B burner (it will be soon replaced by a Pioneer 111Dïƒ 111 :iagree: ) witch doesn’t support scan, so I can only rely on the Lite-ON SOHD- 167T :sad: .

My questions are:
1- Witch is the best firmware for quality scan (my drive is flashed with the The Code Guy patched 9S1B max speed).
2- Witch is the best scanning speed I should select in Nero CD-DVD Speed for this drive.
3- Why when I try to run K-probe I get this message: “No Drive Detected. Please verify the power and IDE connections to drive and make sure IDE settings and BIOS are correct.”.

Thanks :slight_smile: .


I’m also interested in this.


This is plain wrong. You just have to edit the registry value.