Lite-On SOHC-5236V SCSI (combo) problems, PLEASE HELP! =(

Hey guys, new to the forums

I own a Lite-On SOHC-5236V SCSI drive and its been having some problems. I first installed it as a slave to my hard drive and it worked fine. Then I installed what i thought was the drivers for my new motherboard and i thought it contained an IDE bus driver. So i took my drive and put it as the master on a new IDE bus. It then stopped working. So i decided to make it the slave on the hard drive again. It still didn’t work. I deleted the driver for what i though was for the IDE busses. (it was a RAID driver) It was now back to its original state physically, but optically it won’t read or write cd’s. The funny thing is, it still reads dvd’s. I took it out and tried it in another system and it didn’t work there either. I just updated to the latest firmware and still no luck! I’ll be upset if I have to replace it, especially considering it stopped working like a week after I purchased it. PLEASE HELP!!! :confused: :sad: :frowning:

Thanks a bunch

did you set the jumpers correctly? if its on its own IDE cable it should be set to MASTER, iv’e a feeling your drive is still set to SLAVE

it is set to master. I have also tried the cable select jumper option, neither worked

I don’t think that is an SCSI drive.

I have a LITE-On Combo SOHC-5236V. There seems to be a problem with the dvd. It cannot read any dvd ,either a movie or a file. But when inserted with cd. It can read files and stuff. What could be missing with my dvd combo? Please help. I need it badly. thanks

^— I have the same problem as the guy above. Can anyone help out? Thanks.