LITE-ON SOHC 4832K firmware update

been trying to look for FIRMWARE UPDATE for LITE-ON SOHC-4832K…any help pls :wink:

Did it come with a specific pre-built computer?

it came with compaq presario sr1110nx…first of,i changed my motherboard.second,i did reformat my HD and installed new XP (borrowed from friend)everything looked up fine but when i trying to update all driver,including the CD-ROM, i tried to update from HP/compaq but i needed to burn the update getting it first from the c:(containing compaq related folders) …and telling me that a FIRMWARE IS NEEDED FOR THE UPDATE…all the compaq orig software/pc tools were all gone.

the CD-ROM is in the device manager,lite-on is appearing correctly…but could not play (only the blinking light)…

pls help…tnx albert 4 ur time :wink:

there are several sites for lite-on firmware… i think the only solution for this is the firmware update but could not find any website that contained the SOHC-4832K model

@ newbalance8,

The Lite-On SOHC-4832K is the OEM version of the Lite-On SOHC-5232K.

Perhaps viewing the below Forum posting concerning Lite-On SOHC-4832K Firmware will be helpful to you ->


The Firmware Update for the CD-RW/DVD 48X LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4832K drive can be acquired at


Released: 2006-01-26
Version: OPK8
Compatibility: Microsoft Windows XP

System requirements:

[li]You must be logged on as an administrator to install this update.
[/li][li]CD-RW/DVD 48X LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4832K drive.
[/li][li]Blank floppy diskette or blank CD-R disc.

Description: CD-RW/DVD 48X LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4832K drive firmware update adds support for DVD+R DL media and resolves issues with Nero CD/DVD Speed benchmarks.

Purpose: Recommended

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP Home
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Enhancements: Adds support for DVD+R DL media.

Resolves issue where DVD+R DL media capacity is incorrectly displayed by NeroCDSpeed test.

Resolves issue where CPU usage data is not displayed during Nero CD-DVD Speed benchmark.

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