Lite-On software problem

I recently installed a Lite-On LTR-40125S and NERO / InCD sofeware that came with it. I am running windows NT 4.0 SP6.
The NERO CD Burning software works fine. When I format a cd
with InCD software, it creates a 170kg disc with 0 bytes free.
When I try to copy files to the drive, copy and paste or click and drag, I get a writing error. “Cannot copy file: Access Denied”.
I cannot figure out why NERO works just fine and InCD does not.
Can someone help me with this problem?


1: Download the latest Nero and InCD version.

2: Make sure that you have the all administrative rights on the computer.

3: There is no other writing software installed? (roxio/adaptec?)

Thanks OC-Freak
I originally installed Nero and InCD under a different user name (besides administrator). Also, I had Adaptec UDF Reader installed. That may have been causing some problems. But I un-installed Adeptec UDF Reader, Nero, And InCD and rebooted. I logged in under administrator and re-installed Nero and InCD. Then I downloaded the latest versions. It seems to be working O.K. now.

Thanks Again,