Lite-On smartburn media check utility

There seems to be a typo in this software which makes it difficult for me to tell what it is doing.

In the Smartburn tab by default, it says ‘smartburn function is disabled’ then ‘no’. This means that it IS enabled. But there is a button saying ‘enable smartburn’. If one presses it, it turns to ‘disable smartburn’, and the ‘no’ changes to ‘yes’, meaning it is disabled when it should not be :confused: .

How can one tell if smartburn is actually enabled or not?


I suggest you download SmartBurn 3.1.16t which has more functionality, and which is a bit easier to understand.

SmartBurn v3.1.16t (Test Version)

I have downloaded that and used it. Though the option ‘disable smartburn’ is clear enough, I have my doubts due to the way those changes are reflected in the original version.

I would still be a lot happier if there was some other way to independently check the smartburn status.


The 3.1.16t text is clear enough to understand. The online HT is a nice feature.

The text is clear enough to understand, but does it do what it says considering that it is based on a program that doesn’t?

I just want to be sure, that’s all.

3.1.16t was more or less a…special release for this forum. People voiced their opinions about the original 3.1.16, and the wording was one of the complaints. That’s why the .16t version is recommended over the original version, because it actually does what it we want it to based on what it says. So rest easy, & remember to try to change settings without a disc in the drive, as you will have to eject and close the tray in order for the changes to take effect on the next disc you burn, anyway (by design). :flower:

The ImgBurn software also supports changing these options, if you still aren’t completely sure of the Smartburn Utility. And its wording is as clear as it gets. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reassurance and the Imgburn tip.