Lite-On site... what happened?



Has anyone else noticed that at some point in the last few days, Lite-On has completely changed the layout of their website?

Overall, the actual format is an improvement, but it seems to now be lacking the most up to date firmware for some drives that were recently updated. The SHM-165H6S is one example. Even on the global site, which was generally the most up-to-date prior to this change, only the HS06 firmware is listed, while HS07 was released a few weeks back on the old site.


Likewise for the SHW-1635S the latest available is YS0W & YS0X was actually the latest released.

Now you can’t see the versions until you start the download.

Not a step in the right direction.


You see the filename (and therefore the f/w version) in the statusbar of your browser. Also, Liteon site works now with Firefox and Opera. :slight_smile:



So you do. Obviously I didn’t notice that before. :doh:


yes,i noticed.
and I can’t visit the web now


What a step backwards. :frowning: It’s horrible. :doh:

Bring back something similar to the old one, please!


You can’t be serious, C0deKing… The pull-down menus aren’t ideal as they need segmentation into ODD categories. Better revision history & a previous FW archive would also be useful. Still, the utils section is now up cf a few days ago…

P.S. I’d actually prefer an ftp site.


I totally agree.


Latest firmware available for SHW160P6S is PS08 on newlook website. They removed PS09 firmware

Now it supports firefox browser aswell.


well it works with the superior firefox now at least


I dunno if it’s that much worse… this is clunky, yes, but at least they’ve done away those, uh, pills…


Just to clarify, I meant the firmware download page, not the whole site. But I guess it’s not much different to the way a lot of sites handle their firmware downloads. I just liked the way it was before, where you could see the new updates for all the models in the group, on the one page.


To their credit, they did finally get rid of those lame pills. And the VBScript download cr*p.

Yep. Methinks that’s the only part of the site that anyone ever cares about anyway, right?..

…which is unfortunate. I’m not sure if they did it because it’s the “cool” thing to do or if they are just applying the wrong user interface paradigm of treating the web as more of an application than a laid-out collection of information. Whatever the case, the end result is that their web designers, like too many web designers (and software interface designers in general) out there, have flunked Usability 101. Thing is, there are a ton of resources freely available that walk people through guidelines of interface design, but most web developers have apparently never laid eyes on them and instead seem to be more familiar with such Cool Web Gizmos of the Week like the drop-down menu (which is sooo 90’s anyway).

You just need to lasso someone with too much time on their hands into writing a quick little script of some sort to auto-magically scrape such information off their web site and present it in a more sane format like a table or even a RSS feed…