Lite-On site down, need FS0F-Firmware, please help

today I finally bougt a Lite-On 411 drive and noticed that it uses an old firmware (FS05), so I wanted to upgrade to FS0F before using the drive. But the Lite-On pages are down for hours :(.
Please, could someone host or send me the official file? I would appreciate that.


edit: my email-address is


k, thx, but the links are for bin-versions. Ist there any mirror-site for the windows-version?

edit: I have the windows-versions now, BIG thank you to the one that mailed it to me!! :bow:

Can I get this too please?

Thank You

Hate to be a me to… I also just got the 411s and need the windows version of the fsob flash…My burner came preflashed with the FS06 version… Don’t want to try anything until i flash it to be a better firmware… Thanks… You can send it to me here or send it to my email address

I can host the FS0F for a bit. Here is the link: . Good luck!!

Thanks for hosting that file - i tried it and it stopped after about 19% - saying it was unable to succesfully flash the drive from fs02.

Here is the link where i finally found FSOF at… enjoy