Lite On SHW 16p6s recording problem

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On SHW-160P6S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I haven’t found the answer to this specific problem on the forum (though it probably has come up before).

The Lite-On SHW 16p6s in my PC (Windows XP) plays DVDs well makes nice video DVDs from Nero or CloneDVD.

It also has no problem playing CD-Rs and has always burned data CDs (click on the data file, then “Send To” drive E, and then burn a CD from the temporary file).

My problem is that I have never been able to burn data to DVD. I’ve tried both CVD-R and +R, and neither works. I have the latest Lite-On firmware installed (ps0C).

When I try to make a data DVD, I get “Window encountered a problem when trying to copy this file” either when I try to send the file to the DVD-RW drive, or, if I do mange to get data into a temporay file, it doesn’t recognize the DVD media when I attempt to write the files to the disc (“insert writable CD”).

The driver installed is from Microsoft, version 5.52535.0 (July 2001). No updated driver is apparently available (at least so says the Windows update “wizard”).

So… what am I doing wrong ? Why can’t I make a data DVD just like I make a data CD ?

I saw one bit of info in the forum about problems with the XP Windows “CD writing service”, and setting imapi to “manual”. Could that be the problem (and if so, how do I find and re-set imapi ?).

Any help appreciated !

You cannot burn to a dvd just using windows xp. You need a burning app like Nero or Imgburn.