Lite-On SHW-16H5S + Lightscribe + Nero 6 & 7 = Not Working

Hi There,

I’m having a little trouble with Nero and Lightscribe functionality and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help.

I bought an OEM Lite-On SHW-16H5S DL DVD Recorder with Lightscribe functinality to replace my old Pioneer DVR-104. It came with the OEM version of Nero and installed the LS_HSI.EXE Lightscribe host program (from Nero) and the Lightscribe function didn’t work.

I paid 60 Euros to upgrade Nero to version 7 and and I still don’t get an option within Nero Cover Designer (that’s with a Lightscribe disk in the drive) I can see the Lightscribe service installed and running under Services but I don’t get the option to make a Lightscribe disk in Cover Designer.

I’ve read that a lot of people have said that Nero 7 Lightscribe functionality doesn’t work but it doesn’t seem to work in the version that came with my drive either. I downloaded the trial version of SureThing and their lightscribe host installer and I have the same issue (unless I’m not looking the right place to do all of this)

Does ANYONE have any suggestions? I really want to get his working so I can throw away all of my CD Pens which I keep losing once and for all.

I’d appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,


I’ve made “some” progress with trying to get this running but the LightScribe function is still not working. I’ve re-installed Nero 7 and the Lightscribe Host Installer again and now I’m getting a Lightscribe tab in the Preferences Window (which wasn’t there before). It doesn’t list anything there and doesn’t allow me to select a drive but that option wasn’t there before.

I also re-checked the Event Log and now it says:


Unsupported Service Control Request (see data below)

Data (Bytes)
0000: 04 00 00 00

Anyone have any ideas?

yep same here
i can see the lightscribe tap but there isnt a drive to select in there

i have gone back to nero 6.6 and i can now use lightscribe on my drive

yeah, it’s really a pity that Nero is misusing the paying consumer as Beta tester for their software. Never buy fresh Nero releases as they always have been troublesome - since ever.

Thanks guys. I might just have to downgrade it to get it to work.

Shakens, which version of 6.6 are you using? I bought a retail CDRW drive recently that came with the full version of Nero 6.6 Reloaded so I won’t have to use the OEM version of Nero Express that came with the DVD-RW. I just want to know which version I need to work it properly.

I feel a bit annoyed after paying for Nero 7 and having to downgrade to get a function working. Shame on you Ahead.