Lite-On SHW-16H5S crossflash gone bad



Hi guys,
I’ve read on a thread here on cdfreaks that my Lite-On SHW-16H5S can be crossflashed to 1635S.
Since I never succeeded in using LightScribe (I used Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R 16x, but my drive can’t “read” the LightScribe side) and since I can’t read some Verbatim DVD+R 4x discs I burned with this same drive long ago, I thought that crossflashing might be worth a try.

So I downloaded YS0Z flashfixed firmware from
I guess this was a bad idea, because after flashing my drive, its led now keeps (slowly) blinking and the drive doesn’t work anymore. It is recognized by Windows XP as SHW-1635S, but I can’t do anything with it.

“Well then, I’ll get back to my old firmware”, I thought, but it’s not that easy. :doh:

First I tried using LV4D firmware, but since it’s not flashfixed, it doesn’t work.
So I tried flashfixing it, but Flashfix says something like “Not all bytes could be found” and it doesn’t work.
Next try was MtkWinFlash, but drive led starts blinking faster and I can hear a noise from my speaker.
Then I tried with LtnFw, but it doesn’t work either: it reaches 100%, it says “working, please wait” (or something similar) but nothing happens.
My last try was with a MS-DOS boot floppy disk and mtkflash 1.83c, but after launching it with: “MTKFLASH 3 (my drive is on secondary master) W /M LS0W.BIN”, a message saying “Port: 170, Master/Slave: a0” appears and drive led turns on (not blinking). I left it there over 10 minutes, but nothing happened.

Now my question is: is there anything else I can do to recover my drive or do I simply have to throw it from my window (metaphor)? :rolleyes:



Ok, it looks like this was one of those times when the simplest solution is the right one: I simply used Flash Utility and it worked.
I keep wondering why other methods didn’t work, but it’s fine.

Now I can get back behind the blackboard. :slight_smile:


Glad you managed to solve the issue yourself, [B]bartman[/B]. :slight_smile:

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