Lite-On SHW-16H5S Best Place to Buy?

I am setting up my daughters laptop, which came with a lightscribe drive, and got to thinking that I’d like to update my machines with a lightscribe drive as well. I have been reading some of the great reviews from Dee and others, and am interested in the Lite-On SHW-16H5S . Can anyone tell me the best price they have found(US) and venue to buy this drive?

Thanks! is probably your best bet. Iv’e seen them for $30 with free ship quite often. I think there is a free shipping promo with newegg right now.

I would recommend getting the LiteOn LH-18A1H instead, as the SHW-16H5S is not on par with other modern drives anymore.

See the second post in this thread:

I would personally go for the 16H5S over the 18A1H, based on the recommendation from CodeKing, who knows the Liteon drives better than anyone.

The best place to buy a LiteOn drive in the US is NewEgg as they have the best prices and will replace the drive if anything goes wrong within a year. Your options for LightScribe drives are either the [B]SHM-165H6S[/B] or the new [B]LH-20A1H[/B]. The LH-20A1H is out of stock right now and too expense in my opinion. You should be very happy with the SHM-165H6S, I am with mine. They only have the retail version in stock right now, but it’s the price as the OEM and you can get free shipping paying with PayPal and using the PAYPALFREE code.

I have the 1635S(16H5S w/o LS) and the 165H6S and the 1635 gives better 16X burn quality and the 165H6S is a better scanner and CD burner. But I doubt there will be any further Firmwares for these.
I would reccomend going for the newer LH-20A1H as they will still be developing the firmware.
Most of all I would totally go with whatever Codeking recomends, he is the ultimate unbiased expert for Liteon drives. :bow:

I just got my 2nd Lite-On SHM-165H6S and got both from NEWEGG. Great stuff. :slight_smile: