Lite-On SHW-1635S review

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Thanks to Lite-On BV for sending the Lite-On SHW-1635S our way. It’s a fully featured 16x DVD+/-R DVD-writer that also offers DVD-R Dual layer and DVD+R Double layer writing, so let us see how it performs compared to the competition.

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Good review with a good drive :slight_smile: I´m surprised about the improving from older 16x Liteon to the newer ones. But what in the hell Liteon think when tey optimizing the RW-strageties?

Great review. I have this drive and the latest firmware YS0V is really good especially with cheap media. Tried it so far MCC 004, PRODISC-R04-04, DVD+Rs and TTG02 DVD-Rs and it achieved constant scores of 90 to 95 in Nero CD-DVD Speeds. Lead-in is written much faster too, with TTG02 it does that in just 30 sec, with the other ones I tested in 41 sec. Overall, Liteon managed to tweak the firmware, if you own this drive you have to flash to YS0V! :X

I wouldn’t usually recommend this type of “All in one” tool but I must say that ConvertXToDVD is pretty good at what it does and is easy for users that are new to DVD conversion. :wink:

who has the unlock number i have lost mine

contact VSO support, they’re happy to help when you have bought the program. :wink:

:frowning: This program used to be quite quick but VSO have F**ked about with it that much that it has slowed it down. Dont mind the extas but we want speed. :r WinAVI is much quicker. Cmon VSO give us the speed of WinAVI 7.7 :B

did you update to the version 2.2 the program has been optimized for speed, it is more than 30% faster :d , but you can’t really compare the compatibility and the quality of WinAVI. And I don’t mention the DVD menu and subtitles managements.

The program uses the free FFMPEG encoder so they are limited to what is available but saying that they seem to be scared to switich on what is available at the moment. They should say now that update support will be coming to a end with-in the year or switch to a different encoder.

beautiful :B

yea, ive had the program for less than a month and it doesnt seem to be working very well at all. does great till around the 16th chapter and then it craps out! the video stops playing and the dvd player “like freezes up” for about 5 minutes and goes back to the menu page. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: . no daps from me. not until i get this thing working right.

:frowning: Stick with nero vision or an older version of VSO ConvertXtoDVD,the latest releases are slowwwwwwww.

Any idea on how I can change the PAL setting on version 2.2.3?

One of the great things about this program is multicore support. It can use all four cores of your Intel Q-series or i7, or AMD X3 or X4. Nero Vision isn’t nearly as capable in that regard.

licensing scheme is screws you, especially since they use free ffmpeg…if gonna use free ffmpeg, make updates free forever. Bay deal

be sure of format of file you’re trying to convert then use settings of convertx to adjust and should burn to dvd ok. if your cpu is a slow one (under 2.4 ghz)this may freeze and play havoc with your burning.

I have had this program for quite a while now but would like to know if a similar or comparable program is available for the Mac OS X. thanks for your help