Lite-on SHW-1635S burning issues

As Tim said, there is no danger. I’ve had to do it a few times on my other PC to sort out a DMA problem.

You won’t lose any data on the HDD on that channel, as Windows will re-detect the drives on it after a reboot.

So right click uninstall to delete it?

No. Left click might work though.

But it is the uninstall I want? Just making sure in this case uninstall and delete are the same thing. I’m in an area that I don’t know anything about and I don’t want to do something wrong. If I click on it and press delete it gives a warning that I’m about to uninstall the device from the system. And if I bring up the menu with the mouse I get the same thing, update disable or uninstall. Like I said just want to make sure its all the same thing, you say delete and the computer says uninstall but its the same thing kind of deal.

Nevermind. I’d remembered seeing something about deleting the channel in the tutorial for changing the DMA mode and it did say uninstall in there. I’m sorry if it seems stupid to ask and worry about that but I’m a paranoid person by nature and want to eliminate the thought of me screwing up. But anyway I did get rid of the channel and then reboot and when I came back it stopped being in PIO Mode. However both device 0 and device 1 are set to Ultra DMA Mode 2, I don’t know if thats a problem. On my Primary IDE Channel 0 and 1 have different Mode numbers. But for now I’m going to take that and run with it. Off to try burning again. Let you guys know how it turns out. Especially if it didn’t work. ;p

UDMA 2 isn’t a problem…it’s when it says Multi-Word DMA 2 that you have to worry :wink:

<Knocks on wood> Well ladies and gentlemen I think that has solved the problem. With exception to the one program I was using seeming to have an issue with the DVD-RW’s I’ve burned 4 in a row without an error. The fourth kept ejecting the disc saying that it was the wrong media type or if re-recordable not empty. But it was an erased DVD-RW so I eventually just threw a DVD-R in and it burned fine. Hoping its just the program that was giving me a hard time there and not that its a reverse to the problem and now will never work with the -RW. I’ve never used the program before, a friend of mine just gave it to me a couple of weeks ago. Next time I use Nero I’ll use an -RW and see, I know it used to accept them.

But while I have your attention for some help I was just wondering about something else. I keep getting all these little squares and stuff popping up in the DVD when I’m playing it back. Any idea what might be causing that? I’m a perfectionist so even though it isn’t bothering the movie any it drives me nuts.

That’s called pixelation & is the result of poor quality burns & it should bother you.

Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & do a disc quality scan of such a disc. Save the result. - top right there’s a floppy icon, click on that & save the image as a PNG file type & then post that image back here.

I just didn’t know if it was a problem to have both device 0 and device 1 in the Secondary IDE Channel using the same UDMA number.

Not a problem unless one device is a hard drive. If both show UDMA Mode 2 that’s fine.

BTW I should have added, scan speed to use is 8x.

I have no idea if one is a hard drive. How do you tell what is on a certain device in a certain channel?

And what should I expect from the scan? I was running one (I’d just picked “All” from the drop down menu for run test) and it was scanning, then I walked away from the computer for a couple minutes to deal with one of my kids and when I came back the system was rebooting. I don’t imagine it was suppose to be doing that, otherwise how would I save to send the image of the results.

There is a tab which says “Disc Quality” - that’s the one you want. The scan will give you a picture of the burn quality & will tell us a lot.

On any IDE channel for the DMA you expect to get UDMA 5 or 6 for a HD and UDMA mode 2 or 4 for an optical device. If your IDE channel controllers are showing these then it’s OK.

I don’t know if this is what you want or the text summary screen but I’ll try this one first.

Yes that’s exactly what we want to see. While the PI Errors are rather more than we’d like to see it’s not too bad & I would have thought that the playback of this would be fine.
An update to the firmware to the latest YS0X version on the Liteon website would be worthwhile and get a different media (DVD) if possible. Those with the media ID of RitekG05 are prone to degradation after a shortwhile.

Hi sorry its taken a while. I was having some trouble getting into my account a few days ago as it was coming up with security things and then every time I tried to get a new password it would still say I was locked out. I was waiting for a reply the last couple days because e-mailed in regards to the problem and decided to try again while waiting and it seems to work now so.

As for the discs I’d hope they are good enough to not degrade that fast. I’d burned it in the morning and put it on for my kids in the afternoon and it was doing it then. The movie played, it never skipped or locked up and the sound never had a glitch that I’d heard. I just know it seemed like every other time I looked over at the movie it was doing it. Is there any chance it is an incompatability with my DVD player? Like I say I don’t know much about the burners so. If the burner can work better with certain types of discs than it seems logical to me that a player can work better or worse with certain types as well. I’m planning on getting some of the Verbatim discs soon, and maybe I’ll just leave what is left of the Maxell ones for making large data discs. I assume it won’t make the data any less stable for that purpose does it? Is there anything else I can do besides changing discs to help? I know you mentioned the firmware but from what I’ve read you have to be careful with that don’t you? If a drive was OEM it has to come from this source and if its not from that source? Although this one did come in a box for a change so I guess the one from the site should be correct. I’ll do those things like I say, just wondering if anything else will help? Does processor speed become a factor at all with quality? Or is that more just render time?