Lite-on SHW-160p6s

Hey guys, ive had the SHW-160p6s Lite-on DVD DL Drive for quite a while, and it seemed to work fine. Although, I was trying to use DVD decrypter today and it would read the disc funny and show it as 0kb of memory available. I decided i might need to update firmware. I kept finding firmware updates that would ask for a SHW-160p6s, but mine would show up with the firmware name at the end (dont remember which firmware, but obviously stock firmware). So i found a different one on a forum here on this site. IT was called PV8DWIN.exe. It said it had updated my firmware, but now only My Computer and Device Manager recognize that it is there. DVD decrypter and other programs (including firmware updates, they now say that they find no devices what-so-ever) cannot see it. Please help. I am VERY “Tech-Savy” lol but i dont have a ton of experience with DVD drives (well i know a lot about 360 DVD drives but that’s beside the point lol).

I’m not sure what that firmware is, but SHW-160P6S firmwares are at This is where I got firmware I needed for a SHM-165P6S, and it works fine with no problems.


Latest firmware for the 160P6S is [B]PSOC[/B] -eh