Lite On shw 160p6s

Hey guys new here. I have been looking for some better firmware for my burner on my gateway pc. I went to the firmware page that everyone around here links to and found my burner. But here is my problem it seems as though I have some PSg1 version of the firmware that won’t let me update. When i download the file it says you have a Lite On shw 160p6s psg1 not a Lite On shw 160p6s. In devce manager it doesn’t show the “version” which I have I only managed to find it through imgburn tools drive update firmware.
what I have been trying to do is burn a dvd+r dl as a dvd-rom booktype in img burn. When I try and change booktype it says failed. I’m sorry about jumping around here in my question a bit but just hoping someone will be able to shed some light on this. ?
thansk in advance