"Lite-on SHW-160P6S" vs “Lite-on SHW-1635S"

I ordered a “Lite-on SHW-1635S / 16x8x16x DVD+RW / 16x6x16x DVD-RW / 8x DVD+R DL / 4x DVD-R DL / 48x24x48x CD-RW / Black/Beige Faceplates / Internal / DVD Writer with Software (L12-1068)” from Tiger Direct on 12/24/2005 for $54.99 with a $25.00 rebate.

On 12/30/2005 I received a “Lite-on SHW-160P6S” instead of the “Lite-on SHW-1635S" that I originally ordered. I contacted Tiger Direct immediately (on hold for 45 minutes before I got to a live person) and advised them that the drive was incorrect and they shipped me a “Lite-on SHW-160P6S” instead of what I ordered “Lite-on SHW-1635S”. They then informed that I could return the drive for the correct one, but during the time on the phone the customer service rep advised that if I returned the drive it would be replaced again with the same drive a “Lite-on SHW-160P6S” and the customer service rep tried to explain to me that specs are the same on both drives and that I should just keep the “Lite-on SHW-160P6S”.

Am I going to loose any performance by keeping the “Lite-on SHW-160P6S” vs “Lite-on SHW-1635S" that was originally ordered? Is the customer service rep from Tiger Direct right about the specs being the same? Is there a performance difference between the two drives? Should I just keep the drive I received and chalk this up a learning experience as it was only the $54.99?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Sorry for the confusion but the drive in the orginal post should be a “Lite-on SHM-160P6S” NOT a “Lite-on SHW-160P6S”.

Any information in regards to the SHM-160P6S vs. SHW-1635S would be helpful.

Sorry for the mistake.


I looked at the two models at www.liteonit.com and the only difference seems to be that the 1635S has 2 bezels. There is an extra black one.

SO if you want the black bezel, go for the exchange otherwise its the same drive.

Another difference is the antivibration: VAS for the 1635s and ABS for the 160p6s. The 160p6s is the newer one.

Keep the one they sent you… The drives are very, very similar and I doubt anyone would say that one is better than the other. The one they sent you is a newer model also and Tiger Direct really wouldn’t substitute a lesser model. Legally and ethically, it’s not unusual to substitute a “better” model if the one ordered isn’t available.

I had the exact same thing happen, ordered the 1635 and got the 160P6S in mid December. Also, prehaps you didn’t notice, but the 160P6S is $10 less, they didn’t adjust the charge and charged me the $54.99 (check your invoice). Also, they “Guarantee” their rebates.

I called and complained about the problem, they credited my charge card for the $10 and said under these circumstances they will honor the rebate for $25 (just have to jump thru a couple of hoops, check the above website). So you are owed $35 and your drive will then end up costing $20 :bigsmile: like mine will be (if they come thru like they say).

Hey I did this too! I figured sending the drive back would be too much of a pain! This drive is AWFUL though! My father has the one that I was supposed to get, and it is WAY better, so if this happened to you, GET THE OTHER DRIVE!


The SHW-160P6S has hoards of problems writing to DVDs. My dad’s SHW-1635S burns anything, including the same brand DVDs that I can’t burn to. If you can manage to get what you originally ordered, I highly recommend it!

See this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1237501

Then again, if you are burning DVDs and it works, DON’T UPDATE THE FIRMWARE! That’s what screwed mine up, even though it worked for others. I wouldn’t risk it. If it works, keep it and you’ll probably be OK.


My 160P6S came with both black and white bezels, just so you know.