Lite-On SHW-160P6S (rev PV7U)



Hoping someone here can give me some suggestions or something. I’m having problems with this Lite-On drive.

I’ve been trying to burn copies of a DVD that I made with home made video clips onto DVD-R’s. Been trying with two different brands of DVD-R’s, Memorex and TDK’s. The first two times, worked perfectly. Then, the next 3 dvd’s, I got an error saying that the write failed, (bad disk or something). Then, two more copied fine. Anyway, managed to do 6 copies fine, but also went through 10 DVD-R’s with this same error. Doesn’t seem to matter which Brand I use, still get the error with both, but MORE with the Memorex Brand. The file I’m writing is in ISO format that I created and I’m using CloneDVD2 to write the ISO to disk. I know I must be doing everything okay, because the ones that I managed to write without the errors, all play fine in my home dvd player.

  What could be causing this error? Could there REALLY be that many bad disks out of a brand new package, in fact TWO packages?  Could it be that I need to upgrade the Lite-On firmware?    :confused: 

    Would really appreciate any pointers or suggestions anyone might have as this is getting frustrating.