Lite-On SHW-160P6S: Dual layer DVDs are not recognized after driver update

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On SHW-160P6S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi i have a lite on shw 160p6su dvd burner im trying to burn games using img burn and also tried clonecd which i saw in the forums on here. first i would trie to burn it and it would come up with an error on both programs. on img burn it would say something about the LO or the layer break. but i then tried to clean my dvd burner and installed the newest firm ware and now it wont read any dual layer disc but it will regualar cds and i cant even try to burn a game because img burn wont recognize my dual layer disc and i am using memorex dvd+r dl disc

any help or ideas would be great thanks

Probably too late to tell you, but Memorex DL isn’t a good choice for DL media…

How did you try to clean the drive, and to what firmware did you update?

i heard that verbatim was a good brand for burning games. i just took the dvd burner apart just blew a little bit near the leans incase there was any dust i double checked and i hooked every thing back up right but it wont read any disc now

when i try to burn in img burn it says no medium present at the bottom of the screen i think i may have made my dvd worse than it was and i loaded
as the firmware

Try a SMALL (!!!) amount of rubbing alcohol [such as the kind used for disinfecting minor cuts, etc] on the end of a Q-tip/cotton swab, and GENTLY wipe the laser lens off with it [being sure to dry the lens completely using only the dry end of the Q-tip] and try again. Also, triple check that you have re-connected every cable; something may have become loose without your notice.

no luck i tried a small amount of rubbing alcohol and dried it but it sounds like its trying to read the disc then makes an odd click and repeats itself for 6 times then stops

If this is with all DVDs–and not just with those Memorex DL discs–you will probably have to get another burner.

ya looks like im stuck till i get a new one thanks for the help albert