Lite-On SHOW-812S Recommended Media?



After lurking on these boards and reading reviews for several days, I finally made up my mind and ordered a Lite-On SHOW-812S. But before I go out and buy a spindle of DVD+R media I thought I should check to make sure I understood the consensus properly. Based on and I gather I should be looking for Ricoh, Memorex, Ritek, or Fujifilm 4x +R media. My criteria for selection is good quality at a reasonable price, being able to burn at 8x would be nice but isn’t necessary - I can certainly take the time to burn at 4x. Is this the correct shopping list for media my drive should like?


Yep. Go with +R. Seems like Ricoh +R ( is what the drive likes best, though if you can’t get it, other forms of +R will work as well. I’ve also had good luck with -R, but the LiteOn still prefers +R, so if possible, get +R…