Lite-on SHM-165P6S scans

Just got the new lite-on SHM-165P6S retail version from newegg.

Came with a copy of nero, powerDVD, manuals and one cable.

Here are a few scans done with Verbatim 8x media. I will post some more after I get some different media…

all burned at 8x…

Rather high PIE, but awesome PIF :eek:

Well, since PIF is what remains after the error correction has been applied, that’s why PIF is the more important measure. Granted, PIE should be much better, but then we are talking highly variable quality MCC02RG20 here. :stuck_out_tongue: To get < 500 PIF total with it is very good PIF indeed. :iagree:

Hi Clownman,

What version of Nero CD-DVD Speed are you using which has the 4 tabs available (Benchmark, Disc Info, Disc Quality & ScanDisc)? Thanks in advance!

correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought PIF is what’s left after PI correction, but is PO correctable.

as for the 4 tabs, get the newest version at

Got it! Thanks!!!