Lite-On SHM-165P6S Problems


Yesterday i bought this drive and after installing it I booted windows and the OS was asking me to install the drivers.

There are a set of drivers on the OEM disk I got but they do not seem to be recognized when going through the device wizard.

I went to Lite-ons site and tried the flash utility but that came up with unable to finish and contact my vendor.

The drive will not read OR write anything and I’m a little stuck.

Does anyone know of the a solution to this or has anyone else had the same problem???

Your help would be appreciated

You may have to check the correct jumpers and settings first.

I had the drive set master and the bios recognised it but windows was asking for a device driver. Although after it couldnt find any driver, i went into the driver details and it said it was enabled and had the Generic CD Driver but still would not read or write anything

Then the drivers are installed.
You may uninstall the ide drivers and the drive in devicemanager, then restart.

Then check again.

Well it also be nice to know what Windows version are you running and is the firmware updated on the burner? Also is your BIOS updated as well?