Lite-on SHM-165P6S and LightScribe

I have a Lite-on DVD-RW SHM-165P6S
Master device on secondary IDE port
Latest firmware (MSOM)
LS_HSI.EXE software
Nero 7 Cover Designer with LighScribe template
SureThing CD Labeler 4 SE
LightScribeService device Direct Disc Labeling is switched on
CD & DVD Burn all works ok.

Software reports “There are no LightScribe devices found on this system.”
Any good ideas please ? Thanks, Ralph D.

The 165P6S is not LS capable. Only the 16H5S and 165H6S are Lightscribe drives.

QuiCo is correct, you haven’t a lightscribe drive

I think you might be right although this is how Lite-on describe it:

LiteOn SHM-165P6S DVD RW DL/RAM Drive with LightScribe

It has a “LightScribe” sticker on it and they even sent me a support message detail how to get it to work - except that it doesn’t. I’m beginning to think there is probably some “invisible” firmware issue.

A silly addendum …

Lite-on Tech Support’s latest missive (since all else appears to have failed) says that the drive [I]“may have been incorrectly labelled[/I]” . A bit of a bummer as several uk companies are still advertising them the same way.

The sillier thing is that I wasn’t very interested in LightScribe anyway until I found (I thought) that I could get it at the same price as for a drive without !

the liteonIT site doens’t say anything about ls for this drive:

Well I guess you may call your money back due to false advert or upgrade to the lightscribe version…

Yes - curious isn’t it.

A lot of stores here are still apparently selling it as described, like:

The fact is that I’m quite happy - seems like a good drive at a good price and I have no serious need for LightScribe anyway.

Too much hassle to go to war with a vendor for something I’m not greatly bothered about.