Lite-On SHM-165H6S Serial Number?

I just got a Lite-On SHM-165H6S LightScribe DVD Writer in the IO Magic package from Staples. In Nero InfoTool, I noticed that it showed a “?” in the Serial Number field. Is this normal? Can any of you out there with this drive check the Nero InfoTool and let me know if you see anything under Serial Number? I have other DVD writers including NEC and Benq, and Nero InfoTool doesn’t seem to have any problem showing the serial numbers of those drives. Is this typical for Nero InfoTool and Lite-On drives?


I have 3 Liteon drives Nero info doesn’t show serial # for any of them.

Me too. 3 Lite-On Drives, No serial no. shown for either of them.

I got the same drive and nero can’t ID it