Lite-On SHM-165H6S question/possible issue



I purchased the SHM-165H6S last week, after having waited for quite a while for a store in my city to get them in stock. I’ve installed it, and it appears to be operating correctly as far as Windows is concerned, however I just wanted to confirm that something I noticed about it was normal for this drive.

When I open the drive’s tray the other day, I noticed a red light reflecting on the drive’s inner “ceiling” about an inch or so inside. I probably hadn’t noticed it before because I hadn’t really used the computer when its room was very dark. Anyway, after seeing the reflected light, I saw the source was (or at least what I assume to be) the drive’s laser in the lower half of the drive. I wasn’t sure if it was even the laser at first, since it didn’t appear to be particuarly bright.

The only reason I even noticed it was becuase I wasn’t accustomed to seeing the laser (or whatever it was, if someone in the know could confirm) operating with the drive tray open and no disc in sight. I also have an SOHC-5235K CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive, and that doesn’t have any visible light on inside when the tray is open (although, after looking with a flashlight with the tray open, I couldn’t actually see the 5235K’s laser assembly in the same area I saw it in on the 165H6S, so I dunno). I suppose it may just be the result of differing mechanisms in the drives, considering the 165H6S is very different than any optical drive I’ve owned before (this is the first DVD burner I’ve bought, plus the fact it supports DVD-RAM and lightscribe), it may just be that I’m being paranoid.

Anyway, that led me to posting here. If anyone knows, or has the 165H6S themselves, and can confirm whether this laser activity I’ve described is normal for the drive or not; I’d really appreciate it. I’d like to know if I should exchange the drive for a new one while I’m still within the time limit to do so.


the red light is the lightscribe laser, it’s always active. your drive’s ok.


Thanks… I thought it may be something like that, but just wanted to make sure.