Lite-On SHM-165H6S Problem

hey, I just built a new computer and there is a big problem with my drive. It runs CDs fine, and it runs DVD movies just fine. But it will not run DVD-ROMS. The autoplay won’t work with them, and whenever i try to open up the drive through my computer it says “D:/ not valid win32 application”. I go to start->run->d: and it opens up the drive and what’s on the disks, but i can’t run anything on the disk. The same error pops up. I ran the same disk on my roomates computer, and the disk runs fine.

What’s interesting, is that i took out his disk drive, and plugged it in my system and the same error happened. I have an ASUS P5W DH DELUXE mobo. I called the tech support for my computer, and after doing some things like updating the firmware (HS0D) and uplugging it and doing some things like that, they are sending me a new one. But i’m not so sure that will fix the problem. I mean, i plugged in a completely different drive (my roomates) like i said, and the same problem happened. Do i need to reinstall windows or something? Do you guys have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

what drivers have you installed? are you plugging into the ide channel or are you using a sata/atapi adapter?

my driver version for the drive is 5.1.2535. And about what channel, sorry I don’t really know much about this stuff. How can i find out what i’m connected through? I’m connected through the same channel that the company who built my computer connected me too. I doubt they would connect me to the wrong thing…right?

Ok, i fixed the problem. what i ended up having to do, is go into msconfig, and disable all of the services and startup processes. I then tried it and it worked. So then i had to go back and enable each process one by one until i found which one caused the problem. It ended up being InCD from the nero suite. So i just uninstalled that, and everything is working perfectly now.

I had similar problem and fixed it by upgrading the InCD and Nero drivers to latest level.