Lite-on SHM-165H6S Failing?

I’ve always lived with some discs failing when burning DVD’s – didn’t care too much. The burner is a year or two old. With the arrival of my first kid, I want to make sure I’m burning archival quality DVD’s. Now looking back I’m surprised I burnt anything that works.

I thought I’d start with better media. Got some TYG02’s from a local store and they’re arguably worse (I checked if they’re fakes and the batch ids look okay). I’m thinking I need a new burner now. The same store has a Pioneer DVR-212 so between this burner and the TYG02’s I figure I should be good to go. Is there anything else I can be missing with my current burner. I’ve gone through the regular suspects, burn at slower speeds, use imgburn, etc.


Welcome to the Forum. Those are bad burns indeed.

Doing a “Create Disc” test (in simulation mode with DVD-R, if you prefer not to waste a disc) might show up any PC (rather than burner or media) related problems.

DVR-212 is a SATA drive and Pioneer’s SATA burners have known compatibility issues with several SATA controllers, so you’ll want to be able to return the drive if it doesn’t work with your PC.